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Giving a Title When Importing Snippets of Text


I’m currently evaluating EagleFiler and it looks like a great balance between functionality and simplicity. I did have one question though. My primary use case is going to be quickly saving snippets of text, and the Command-% shortcut is currently the main way I get data in. One issue with this is that the record is given the entire name of the snippet, with the same for the title. My question is: is there an easy way (through built-in functionality, scripting or automator) to allow for the setting of a title / filename to be created for the snippet at the time it is created? (Tags would be nice too, but aren’t so important!)

I’ve put together a simple Automator workflow that simulates what I need by prompting for a filename and saving the selected text to the “To Import” folder, but it obviously takes a while for this to be processed, compared to the immediacy of Command-%, and it seems silly to duplicate the effort.

Any ideas?



There’s currently no easy way to do this, but I’ve added one for EagleFiler 1.5, which will be available soon.

That’s great! Thanks for the quick response too. Checked your upgrade policy too and that is also very generous, so looks like I am soon to be a happy customer :slight_smile:

With EagleFiler 1.5 you can hold down the Option key to do this.