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Gmail Still Harvesting Spam to Its Folder

Running SpamSieve (2.9.39) on always on home iMac (10.15.4) with 3 accounts Gmail, Work and iCloud. No account changes in years.

Turned off Gmail server side spam filter with the recommended “Never send to spam” filter in the manual long ago. Recently logged on to Gmail on the web (which I almost never do) and there were 100s of spam messages in the Gmail Spam Folder (and 1 or 2 good messages)

Deleted them and now there are 64 more, dated 2018, 2017, 2016?
Verified the filter, looks good.
Verified Immediately delete and other settings under expunge.

Why is old spam piling up on Gmail server spam folder? What setting am I missing?

The recommended way to do this has changed over the years. Are you using the latest setup shown here?

If this is all happening within the Gmail interface, without doing anything on your Mac, this sounds like it’s probably a question for Google.

Where is your SpamSieve rule set to move messages to?

Never send to spam filter is setup as per latest instructions.
It is a Google interface thing, as you point out, something I rarely use so some of this is me rarely seeing that UI or its categories, labels or sorts. Quarantine has me purging hundreds of old messages on Mac and Gmail.
SpamSieve rule is vanilla, moves mail to Spam, preceded by Apple Mail Server Junk Mailbox AppleScript rule

This pile may have been a few messages I missed deletion of and I have deleted them now. Sorry to bother. If they re-appear I will reply again.

It was indeed user error. :grimacing:
Gmail spam folder is empty and SpamSieve is catching large number of spammy messages coming to that account and classifying them accurately, as expected. 98.7% accuracy over the past 6 years and more than 100,000 soap messages caught. Thanks.

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