Good Messages Going to the Spam Mailbox

Hi Michael,

Have another problem that is persistent; good email keeps going to SPAM folder. Specifically to name a few, it is emails from my bank, the USPS daily briefing, and my club. In addition to training (I have to constantly check the folder to make sure good emails don’t get moved there) I have put these addresses into my address book. I physically have moved them (dragging from spam folder to inbox). All to no avail. They getting put into spam. I know this could be Apple, but before the upgrade all of these flowed into the Inbox without a problem. Any suggestions?


It sounds like it’s not SpamSieve doing this, but you can confirm by opening the Log window and seeing whether it says Predicted: Spam for these messages. If not, there is some other cause, and this page explains some of the possibilities.

Here is activity from today. Almost every entry in the log is error msg:

Nothing came th

Nothing came through from the log. If you’d like to send a log excerpt, you can e-mail

Generally, it works better. Still capturing valid emails and I have to review them daily. Especially if they are from a financial institution. I guess as I train the software it will ultimately get better. BTW, filter is set really low to make sure good emails don’t get trapped.

It’s really important to check the Log window to see whether these are actually being caught as spam by SpamSieve vs. something else. Training SpamSieve won’t help if it’s not the source of the problem. And if SpamSieve is the cause, there may be something else that needs to be fixed because what you’re reporting is quite unusual.

I checked as suggested. The issue with the bank - Citizen - shows as predicted spam. I went into the blocklist and unchecked it, so maybe now it will work.

Here’s the info:

Summary: SpamSieve classified this message as Spam because it matched a blocklist rule.
Score: 99 (0 is least spammy; 100 is most spammy)
Rule: From (address) is equal to “”
Matched: “”
Accuracy: Mistake (False Positive, i.e. SpamSieve classified as Spam, but you trained as Good)
Help: Why do good messages keep going to the Junk mailbox?
Help: How should I configure the junk filter on my mail server?
Help: Correct All the Mistakes
Repeated Prediction: SpamSieve had previously classified this message.
Superseded Prediction: SpamSieve classified this message again later.
Date Logged: Today, 9:37:08 AM

Date Sent: Today, 5:31:42 AM
Date Received: Today, 5:31:47 AM
Size: 23 KB (8 KB compressed)
Identifier: 6oiM7llP//ONghK7IA1BFw==
Server Filter: There is no record of a server junk filter evaluating this message. Some mail servers don’t have junk filters, and some filters move messages to a different mailbox without noting in the message that they did this.
Origin: [redacted] (IMAP) ‣ INBOX in Mail 16.0 (filter inboxes)

Contacts: 416
Excluded Contacts: 1

Processing Time: 0.022s
SpamSieve: 3.0.1 at /Applications/
Device: macOS 14.0.0 (23A344) on howards-macbook-air.local (Mac14,2)
User: HJS (Howard Schwartz)
Language: English

If it matched a blocklist rule, that means that you had trained a previous message from that sender as spam. Perhaps this was a mistake or perhaps the one you trained was forged to look like it came from your bank.

In any case, unchecking the errant blocklist rule is not the right solution. You should train the good message as good, and then SpamSieve will automatically update the blocklist and allowlist.

Thanks. That’s what I am doing. Hopefully, that will work.