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Good Messages Not Moved to Inbox

When incoming mail that is put in spam is trained as good it is not automatically moved to inbox - it stays in the spam box. Also the spam is put in bulk email and not in the spam folder and mail will not let me disable the bulk mail folder.

This could be because:

  • SpamSieve is not set to move trained good messages to the inbox. Please check this using the Change Settings command.
  • The message is not in a mailbox that SpamSieve recognizes as being for spam/junk. What is the name as shown in Mail?
  • Mail is encountering an error when moving the message.

You can also enable some debug logging to see what’s happening by clicking this link. After you train a message as good, SpamSieve will log detailed information to Console and include it in a diagnostic report.

The Bulk mailbox is not a feature of Apple Mail. It is likely controlled by your server spam filter, so you would need to turn it off there (if your server allows that).

Not only can I not move good messages to the inbox, the Change Settings from Mail’s Message menu no longer works after updating to version 2.9.33.

Please enable the debug logging, as described above, train a message as good, choose Change Settings, and then send in a diagnostic report.