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Good messages stay in InboxSpamSieve

I’m using SPamsieve 2.9.35b1 with Outlook 16.21.181212 Mojave 10.14.3 Beta (18D21c)
I have created An InboxSpamSieve for each account (Exchange, Imap and Pop) that I use. There are located under the online inbox for each account.
I created the rules (folders for echange (Client side) and imap, account for POP)
I installed Fastscripts and associated shortcuts for the scripts.
I installed Outlook filter mailboxes

Messages appear in InboxSpamsieve. When I review the messages, with CTL-Command S, the messages are moved in the Junk folder for each account.
When i Use CTRL-Command G nothing happens. If I use Apple scripts through the menu, nothing happens neither.
Any idea of what could cause this ?

Thanks in advance !

spamsievelog.txt (22.2 KB)

InboxSpamSieve is just a temporary holding area for messages not yet processed by SpamSieve. So you should not be training any messages in that folder; it’s better to wait until SpamSieve has moved them to Inbox or Junk.

If messages are not being automatically moved out of InboxSpamSieve, please make sure that the Outlook Filer Mailboxes app is running and/or try quitting and relaunching it.