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Grabbing a snippet from a mail message as a text note?

In Mail.app just now, I selected some text and from the Services menu did an import, which is apparently the same as a CMD+%.

I was surprised that the imported text became a web archive! And of course it is not editable.

What is the best way of grabbing text from an email and importing it as an editable text note?

Also, when importing, is there a convenient way of specifying the folder of the imported item?



As a followup to this, even if I just select text in Mail and drag into the EF browser into a folder, the dragged text becomes a web archive as well.


And just to show I’m reading the manual :slight_smile: I also tried this:

Put some text on the clipboard using Edit ◃ Copy and then choose Import Clipboard from EagleFiler’s Dock menu.

But the text I copied in the mail message still ended up getting imported as web archive, rather than as an editable .rtf.

Any suggestions would be helpful.



OK. I found Record > Convert for Editing. So that’s fine and I can edit the record now.

Two questions about this:

(1) Is there a way of setting this behavior so that it is the default for selected text being imported? It seems to make more sense to have selected text be editable rather than a web archive - especially if its source is a Mail message.

(2) I had one odd thing occur. While I can edit the record in place after applying Convert for Editing, if I double-click on the record it opens up in TextEdit. If I edit then and try to save I got an error message saying it cannot find the original source location. Unfortunately, I cannot duplicate the error message right now. It only happened once.



Mail’s message windows are actually mini Web browsers, and so Web archive is the native format and the only one that fully preserves the content. You can turn off the ImportTextAsWebArchive esoteric preference in order to import as RTFD by default.

My guess would be that you edited the file in EagleFiler while it was open in TextEdit. The EagleFiler edit either added or removed images, causing EagleFiler to change the file type between .rtf and .rtfd, and TextEdit got confused because the file no longer existed with the name that it had been opened with.

Thanks, Michael. That “Esoteric Preference” seems to work perfectly.

And full mail message / mailbox capture still works as before.

So the best of both worlds.