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Great update, Michael!

Thank you for the work on the update, Michael, and being responsive to users’ needs. This program is a huge part of my workflow and you provided some features that make the program easier and my work more effective.

Thanks, especially, for the feature of setting real-time options for more than just the capture.

I have tried lots of programs for effectiveness and stopped using lots of programs, but EagleFiler is the one that I started using and never looked back. So, thanks again for all the work to keep improving it.


Awesome Service
I want to second that thought. I was an EagleFiler user then switched to Together. With the 1.15 release, EagleFiler has “grown up” and I have moved all my files (over 10,000 of them) back into EagleFiler without issue.

Michael’s responses to the flood of forum posts has been nothing short of amazing. I mean, does this guy ever sleep?

Thanks for everything and keep up the work!