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Growl notifications

Do you know if it is possible to set up Growl to notify only under certain criteria? I have a number of different email accounts, one of which receives posts from a newsgroup. The messages come in thick and fast on this account, and I would rather not be notified about them, I’d prefer to just hear about messages on my ‘main’ account.

Is this doable?


Growl itself doesn’t provide this level of control. You can set SpamSieve to post Growl notifications only for messages from people in your address book, but there’s no option for mailing lists, specifically. If you don’t get spam from the newsgroup, you could exempt those messages from spam filtering, e.g. by putting a rule that moves them to another mailbox above the SpamSieve rule. Then these messages would be invisible to SpamSieve, and so it wouldn’t generate Growl notifications for them.