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Growl or other source of more information about what just imported?

I have become a convert to using Growl with EF, but I still have issues sometimes knowing exactly what the F1 (capture) key has actually brought in. Depending on the site, what I see in Safari may or may not be captured; PDFs in a window won’t always be imported as PDFs, and so forth. Most of the problems seem to come when working with specialized online databases. For example, when I read an academic paper online, I like to keep it locally.

In any case, I’ve gradually worked out ways to double-check what has been captured. One of them is using Growl to show the name of the document that’s just been imported. I set Growl to keep notification on screen until I click it. Another method is to keep a column for “date modified” and use that as my main sort key, so that the most recent document is always at the top. But I’d like to add more information:

  1. Is there any way I can add more information to the Growl capture window, such as the size of the file? (Usually a “bad” capture is a file much smaller than expected.)
  2. Is there a way to click on the Growl window and have it carry me to the corresponding entry in EF?

Other suggestions?

If this is happening because the site requires a login of some sort, that’s normal. Otherwise, if this still happens with EagleFiler 1.3 (to be available soon), please post some example URLs so that I can investigate.

These are not currently possible, but they seem like reasonable suggestions.

I tend to file everything, so therefore the Unfiled source contains all the new records that need to be processed.