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Guidance on maximum recommended # of messages to import in one go

Sometimes I find EagleFiler / mail locks up if you attempt to import too many messages - is there any guidance on upper max recommended number? I am using import key (F1) approach.


No, I’ve never seen a problem with that. I think I’ve imported 80K or so messages in a single batch with the capture key.

Neither app should be used during the first phase of the capture, when you see the camera badge on EagleFiler’s Dock icon. EagleFiler is busy figuring out which messages to capture, and Mail is busy responding to many AppleScript requests. Also, you don’t want to change the selection in Mail while EagleFiler is trying to read it.

However, the apps shouldn’t actually lock up—in the sense of getting permanently stuck. I’ve not seen that happen before. If you do, please send in a sample report.

Hi Michael,
When EG is reporting “Capturing from mail”, “Getting selected messages” do you still need to leave mail and mail selection alone - is that still part of the first phase of capture you refer to?


Yes. You should still see the camera in the Dock icon during those status messages.

And then, during the actual import (green arrow), you should not move/delete any of the messages being imported.

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