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GyazMail Communication Failure: How Do I Fix It?

I’ve successfully used SpamSieve with GyazMail for years but today I started getting a pop-up window informing me that it “failed in communication with SpamSieve.”

Apparently the issue is preventing GyazMail from downloading messages. When I disable junk mail filtering in GyazMail the messages on the email server show up. I am using POP3, not IMAP.

I tried to find out how to address the issue in the manual/forum but I just don’t know where to begin to troubleshoot. . .

OS Big Sur 11.6
GyazMail 1.6.5
SpamSieve 2.9.47

Please make sure that GyazMail has Automation access to control SpamSieve.

Hello Michael-

After I received your reply I checked the Automation Access setting and it was already checked. So I disabled/enabled it and SpamSieve began working.

I also happened to notice that SpamSieve was disabled under Full Disk Access, so I went ahead and enabled that as well.

Many thanks for the speedy reply.

I’m glad that you found a workaround. Full Disk Access is not necessary when using SpamSieve with GyazMail. It’s only needed for Apple Mail.