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GyazMail set-up question


I’m trying to set up SpamSieve for GyazMail. I’ve got it configured so that new mail received that is suspected to be spam by SpamSieve goes directly to a folder I created called spam. I made a rule for this as suggested in the set-up instructions.

However, occasionally a message gets through that SpamSieve didn’t identify as spam. When I choose “Message>Junk>Mark as Junk”, the message is marked as spam but it just stays there in my Inbox. It does not automatically get transfered to the spam mailbox I set up, as I would expect based on how I set up the rule.

In the rule dialog box I have checked “Incoming”, “Manual (All)”, and “Manual (Menu)”. The other settings are exactly as described in the SpamSieve directions.

Any ideas?

You would have to check with the GyazMail developer to be sure, but I think GyazMail is designed such that marking a message as junk doesn’t move it anywhere. It only moves incoming messages that are junk. The “Manual” options concern what happens when you manually apply the rule to a message (i.e. ask SpamSieve to evaluate the messages to see whether it thinks they’re spam). The rule doesn’t come into play at all when you mark messages as Junk or Not Junk.