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Hang when importing from Apple Mail

I have given up with Eagle Filer after our conversation on the 24th December, where mail downloads kept freezing.
Your only suggestions was to turn it off and back on, which failed.
My final message never got a reply, so I stopped trying.
All on Big Sur

Sorry to hear that it’s still not working. The way we left things, I suggested that you restart your Mac and, if the problem still occurred, that you save a sample log using Activity Monitor. I never received a sample log, and your final message said “Thank you again” and included a screenshot showing mailboxes successful imported, so I thought the problem was resolved.

I’d be happy to help you further if you send a new message describing specifically what is not working now and include a new sample (if there is a hang).

I did send a log, to which you replied: It looks like something is messed up with your Mac’s defaults database. It may help to restart it.

The screenshot showed 2 downloads there but not converted into folders. Several others then didn’t download at all.

Don’t worry, Michael. I don’t have time. I will just download mail items as PDF and use a different storage mechanism.


You had sent a log from before restarting when it was hanging and not importing at all. Your later e-mail showed that, after restarting, the import had worked (at least partially?) and did not mention a hang that time.

The two Mail folders in question were imported as mailboxes in EagleFiler, which is what should happen. (A mailbox is essentially a folder of messages.) You would only get a folder in EagleFiler (containing other mailboxes) if the original Mail folder had contained subfolders, which these did not.

If you would like to look into why some other, unmentioned, mailboxes did not import, please let me know. Otherwise, good luck with your PDF solution.

Thank You