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Has anything changed? Way too many false positives

Over the past week something seems to have changed. SpamSieve is sending way too much stuff into the Spam folder. Messages from mailing lists which have been accepted without question for years. Messages from a sender who has repeatedly been marked “Train As Good”. Even the confirmation e-mail that I had registered with this forum.

The only other change I’ve noticed is that I repeatedly get a pop-up saying that SpamSieve wants to access my Contacts. I always give permission, but it keeps asking.

So I’m led to ask: has anything changed? I can’t remember exactly when it started, but could it be a by-product of 10.10.3

For the moment I’m checking my Spam folder as much as I’m checking my Inbox.

Martin S Taylor

This means that either the SpamSieve application file is damaged (and needs to be reinstalled) or your Mac’s privacy database is damaged (and needs to be reset).

Nothing has changed in SpamSieve, and we’ve not heard of other users seeing this problem. Because it sounds like many of these messages would have been whitelisted, my guess is that it’s not SpamSieve that’s classifying these messages as spam. Please see the Why do good messages keep going to the Junk or Spam mailbox? page.

Thanks. I’ve reinstalled SpamSieve and reset the Mac’s privacy database as you suggested, and await further developments.

In the meantime, I notice that in the instructions for updating from a previous version it says:

you can access the Software Update… command via the Message ‣ SpamSieve - Open Window command in Apple Mail

I don’t see the menu item “SpamSieve - Open Window”. Should I see it, or are the instructions slightly out of date?


That command is only shown if you’ve hidden SpamSieve’s Dock icon.

Thank you!