Has SpamSieve been tested under Sonoma 14.3?

Two things happened yesterday. My Comcast cable dropped and when that came back I updated to Sonoma 14.3. Now I am getting lots of spam showing up in my Junk folder and not a lot but more than the normal number of emails are not being detected as being spam. SpamSieve is running and the plug-in is on.

Yes, it should work normally under macOS 14.3. If you have spam in your inbox, does the Log window say that SpamSieve predicted those messages to be good?

The log looks okay to me and so far today (it’s 9:20 AM here) I haven’t seen any spam in my inbox, but while before rebooting and upgrading to Sonoma 14.3 I might find a new spam email in my Junk mailbox once a week, I’ve gotten 43 since yesterday. I have some habit’s that leave me open to receiving a lot of spam, so maybe this is just an uptick, but please let me know if there’s anything I should change so that I get less.

Update: No spam so far that hasn’t been caught, but I now have 72 emails in my Junk folder.

Are the emails in the junk box spam or normal emails that should go to the inbox?

Ever since I upgraded to the new version of SpamSieve, spam goes to my junk box instead of the Spam folder.

It seems fine to me. In fact I like it better.

Yes ever since I upgraded to the SpamSieve version that can handle the “improvements” that came with Sonoma, all spam is being sent to my Junk folder. My inbox was never affected.

Yesterday I wound up with over 100 spam emails in my Junk folder and so I created a Mail rule to remove them. Since then I haven’t gotten any new ones .

Well, I wasn’t seeing any spam because my Mail rule was still active.

We’ve long recommended using the Junk mailbox because doing so avoids a serious bug in macOS 10.15 and later. With macOS 14.0, the Junk mailbox is now mandatory with SpamSieve because Apple removed support for Mail plug-ins, and Mail extensions do not have access to the Spam mailbox.

IDK but since using SpamSieve my junk mail has exploded. I was getting 10-15 per day now I’m getting in the hundreds.

The same thing that has happened to fffjxc happened to me.

To restate my situation:

  • All my spam messages are going to my Junk folder and that’s perfectly OK with me.
  • As stated by me previously, I’m getting a lot more spam messages now than before I rebooted.
  • I don’t want to simply delete them because that puts them in my Trash folder and I don’t want any trace of them on my computer.
  • To get around that I’ve created an Appple Mail rule that discards the spam after 2 days in my Junk folder.

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