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Haunted by Norton, SpamSieve is complicit

I’ve been using SpamSieve for years, but I’m about to give up. I get tons of spam from the idiots who pretend to be Norton Utilities (thanking me, usually, for my $899.99 purchase charged to my credit card. I’ve never used Norton).

I have put every permutation of Norton and all the keywords into the blacklist, but somehow he always sneaks back in. What am I doing wrong?

Maybe they’re in your Contacts or SpamSieve is turned off? There’s information here about how you can figure out yourself what’s going wrong or send in a diagnostic report if you need help.

I also keep receiving “invoices” from Norton, a program I have never used. Somehow they sneak by Spamsieve which is activated, and Norton is not in my contacts. However, Spamsieve usually works quite well in my Mail app.

Please send in a diagnostic report and I’ll investigate.

At least I am not alone. Norton ugh.

I have not received a diagnostic report from either @wenfeen or @greenery. If the problem is still occurring, please send the report. Or, if you already sent it, please re-send.

So sorry, I had already deleted the Norton emails before this thread had posted. I will send the diagnostic report when it happens again as I believe it will.


Same here, already deleted. They tend to come in waves, though. I’ll send a report when Norton next shows up.

It doesn’t matter whether the original e-mails have been deleted. The diagnostic report would still say whether SpamSieve had processed those messages.

Thanks for sending the log file. I don’t see any Norton spam messages that got through SpamSieve. What I see are basically two things:

  1. There are some messages that you trained as spam that SpamSieve had not been asked to examine:

    • This could mean that you were training messages that were already caught by a server junk filter before they got to your Mac.

    • Or it could mean that you had marked the messages as read on another device before your Mac saw them, so it did exempted them from filtering because they were not new.

    • Or it could mean that your SpamSieve rule is not set up properly in Mail—either it is not at the top of the list or not set to apply to every message.

  2. I see lots of messages, including Norton ones, that SpamSieve had automatically predicted to be spam but that you later trained as spam:

    • This could be because you were training messages that were already in the Junk mailbox.

    • Or perhaps you are running into a Mail bug where the SpamSieve rule tells Mail to move the messages to Junk but it does not. This can be worked around by setting the rule to move the messages to the All Junk mailbox and setting each account to store the Junk mailbox on the server.