Having a hard time with Spam Sieve in MacOS Apple Mail

I’m running Ventura 13.3.1 OS and Apple Mail 16 with Spam Sieve 2.9.52.

I’m sure I must not be doing something right. I followed all the set-up instructions, turn off my rules in Apple Mail, etc., and Spam Sieve if filtering. However all of my mail is filtered in the My Junk email box — both the spam and my good mail. I’ve been continuously training the thing for a couple of weeks and hundred and hundreds of emails. But good and bad ones still go to Junk. I would expect good one to to my Inbox and my bad ones to not show up at all — gone. Or at least marked as “read” or something. As it is now, I have to visually go through and select all the bad ones and delete them. When I make the good ones as good, they seem to cycle through to my Inbox, then some straight back to the Junk box that Spam Site is filtering them to. This manual verification totally defeat the purpose of this software, as I could do that without Spam Sieve. So, surely, I’ve missed the boat somehow. Any ideas on where I’m going wrong. I have another Mac, but I’ve stopper checking Mail on it it for now — the apps not even running there. Thanks!

With a single-Mac setup, this typically happens if the name of the rule in Apple Mail is incorrect. It needs to start with SpamSieve.

With a multi-Mac setup, this can happen if you have the SpamSieve rule active in Mail on the other Mac but it does not have SpamSieve and the SpamSieve plug-in installed. Please try making the rule inactive on the other Mac.

Thanks! I have the name of the rule right — I think. It’s just “SpamSieve”, and it’s first in the list of rules.

What you describe on the other Mac was a good diagnosis. I turned off the rule there. We’ll see.