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Hello! New user question

Hi, new trial user of EagleFiler, have used other software of this nature including devonthink, KeepIt, etc. I really like your app!

I just have two questions, and appreciate any responses;

  1. When I update a pdf author name or other properties, it doesn’t seem to update in EF, even when I refresh/scan for new files. What should I be doing to see the changes reflected?

  2. Are there plans to add more hotkeys? I’m particularly interested in ‘Reveal in Finder’?



Currently, EagleFiler does not change a record’s metadata after the initial import. I think this is problematic to do automatically because if you edit the metadata in EagleFiler and also edit the file, which metadata should it use? However, I can look into adding a command where you could tell it what you want to do.

There’s already a Command-R shortcut for Reveal in Finder, or am I misunderstanding your question?

No that’s perfect! I look forward to using command-r, and I understand your reasoning, I didn’t realize it would have that complexity on the metadata. Thank you.

Perhaps it would make sense to have the Update Checksum command check whether the metadata has changed, since if you are editing the file externally you might be using Update Checksum, anyway.

Hi, I had no awareness of the Update Checksum function. Thanks for referring to it, I’ll read the helpfile on its purpose and usage.