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Help Needed Setting Multiple Mailboxes in Apple Mail

Hi, I am having great difficulty setting up SpamSieve to handle multiple mailboxes on my Mac.
I am very much a novice to programming and don’t know where to put which information.
Can anyone guide me through the complete procedure please.

The Setting Up Apple Mail section of the manual guides you through the process. You don’t have to do any programming or do anything different for multiple mailboxes/accounts.

If that’s not sufficient help, it please explain exactly what you did, what you expected to happen, and what happened instead.

I have done the initial set-up as illustrated, but that only works on my mailbox.
I have four additional mailboxes for the rest of the family, each has its own Imap address.
Reading through the instructions I thought that I had to set up rules for each mailbox and then set up a rule called ‘remote training’ using apple script.
if this is correct then I need help setting up the apple script as when I attempted it before it kept returning errors when I tried to run it.
Also the dropdown box that says look for file in Finder will not ‘find’ the apple script

Do you see those other accounts in your Apple Mail? If so, it should just work with the regular setup; you don’t have to use the drone setup. If you don’t see the other accounts in Apple Mail, there is no way for SpamSieve to access them no matter how you set it up.

all of the accounts are visible below each other in Mail, set up as below

Google Mail
All Mail
Sent Mail
Follow Up

So do I just set up as per the initial instructions then and will SpamSieve deal with all of the mailboxes as one ?

Yes, unless you want Separate Spam Mailboxes for Each Account.

I have set up separate SpamSieve rules for each account.
Do I treat them as the initial ‘main’ SpamSieve installation and when Mail asks ‘apply’ or ‘do not apply’ - press Do Not Apply ?
And do I remove the ‘main’ SpamSieve rule from the Preferences menu



I think that all is well now, I’ll monitor the mailboxes for a few days and then post again if necessary.

Thank you very much for all your help and assistance, without it I would have been lost

Could you please explain this with images? Because I’m german I don’t understand your explanation exactly.

Thank you in advance,


Here’s an example for an account named “C-Command”.

SpamSieve - C-Command Rule.png

Thank you a lot. Have I setup a separate a special rule for every account or do I need ONE rule with separate items?

If you want each account’s spam to go to a different mailbox, you would create one rule like that for each account.