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Help on a Process of Archiving CD (not to CD)

I am working on archiving my 200+ Data CDs to ISO on a NAS. It looks like DropDMG will do most of the work, this is the high level

  1. Insert CD
  2. Have a popup ‘Do you want to archive new Disk’
  3. Create ISO of the disk/CD
  4. Create a Text File beside the ISO with the Directory of Files (help with Searching)

Tested DropDMG, and it creates the ISO, seems like I can script it, but…

Does anyone know if there is a way to tell DropDMG to archive a whole disk?

dropdmg --config-name “archive” /Volumes/Newdisk

I would need to detect the addition of a disk, and be able to pars the name, I assume?

Yes. There’s no built-in feature to do this. Maybe this page would help?