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Help with first time library import...

Hello All,

Was wondering if someone could help - I am evaluating EagleFiler for the simple need to basically get organized and to be able to easily find documents - I am hoping I am in a good place with this app! :slight_smile:

My first mistake however, is that I decided to add the ‘Documents’ folder into EagleFiler for management and soon realized that this was a bad mistake as although I have all my important documents in there that I want to manage, there are also application related files which make no sense for me to have in the library.

So my question which should be simple for you experts out there, is how to exclude certain folders for import or now that I do have them in my Library, how can I remove those folders/files that I don’t want to show within the EagleFiler application. I thought about creating a new library and starting all over again, but I am guessing there must be an easy way to de-select certain folders?

Thanks in advance for any help/advice on this…


It depends on exactly what you did. When you import existing files into EagleFiler they can be moved or copied.

When starting from scratch, it would probably make sense to just move the folders that you want EagleFiler to manage into its library. In other words, select what you want rather than excluding what you don’t.

If everything is already in your library, and you copied, you can simply delete the folders in EagleFiler that you don’t want it to manage. If you moved, then you should use the Finder to move the folders back out of EagleFiler’s library to their original locations. Then you can delete the folders (which no longer reference anything) from EagleFiler.