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Help with local folders in Mac Mail vs. remote folders please!

Hello. I just installed SpamSieve after watching the screencast. I seem to have an issue however. In the screencast of the demo where he uses .Mac Mail, I notice his folders on the leftt column remain "local’ folders. However once I finish setting up Spamsieve and apply the rule in teh instructions, my folders on the left turn blue and they become “remote” folders, with a BLUE GLOBE and my full email address next to it.
How do I get it back to being “local” folders on my Mac, like it is shown in the demo? Thanks in advance for assistance!

Which folders are you referring to? I don’t think setting up SpamSieve will change any of your existing folders. Whether the Spam folder is local or remote depends on where you create it. The normal way to do it is to create a local Spam folder in “On My Mac.”

Hi Michael
The folders I am referring to are on the left side of the MAIL application. There used to be a few folders that I used to have, they were local (ie saved, Palm, Apple, work, etc.) Now they are gone ( I think they were orangy-yellow in color) and now I have a blue folder that says:
Junk (jasonrak@mac.com)
blue Spam folder
and a blue Globe with jasonrak@mac.com next to it. It has a drop down arrow and there are my folders I created, originally locally, in Mac Mail:
Apple, Palm, Saved, Spam

It seems they are not local anymore, but from the web server. Ho do I switch it back? This seemed to happen to me last week also when I tried to set a rule to curb my spam (but wasnt yet using Spamsieve).
Could it be that when I set a rule for some reason the folders on my Mac Mail desktop turn from local to server?

Michael - here is a screenshot of what I am talking about. I uninstalled Spamsieve and started to reinstall again to see if I can track the issue. It seems to happen after step 1 - creating a new mailbox called “Spam”.
Once I did that and made sue it was set for On My Mac, the globe came and it appears to be server based now as opposed to local

I think the folders were always on your server, and now that you’ve created a local folder called Spam it’s changed the display to make it more clear which ones are stored where. You can make a folder local by dragging it out of the globe and then deleting the one that’s in the globe.

OK Thanks for the tip. However, if I do that will I still see the folders if I login online to .Mac and go to Mail?

No. If you see the folder when you log into .Mac it’s a remote folder. Local folders only show up in Apple Mail on your own Mac.