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Hidden Spam Folder?

Running SpamSieve 2.9.26
OS X 10.10.4
Mail 8.2

I keep getting Growl notifications of 73% accuracy that an email has been filtered. When one of those emails needs to be marked as good, I can not find it in any spam folder that I have. The only way to find it is via the Mail search bar. It says it is in a Spam folder, but none that I can find. I then mark it as good and drag it back to the inbox.

This Spam folder also collects emails that I see coming in via the OS X notifications, but not Growl notifications. I again have to do a search bar search to find, as it is not visible in any Spam or other folder that I have in Mail.

Any thoughts?



You can see where the Spam mailbox is located by clicking on the pop-up menu in the SpamSieve rule in Mail’s preferences. It could be inside one of your accounts or under On My Mac. Also, please see this page.