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Hide Left Column Keyboard command

Hello everyone, I am a newcomer to EagleFiler. I am still in demo mode. As I wrap my head around the concepts behind EagleFiler and how it might serve my own needs, I see a comment worthy opportunity.

I would like to see a way to show/hide the left column via both a menu button and a corresponding keyboard/menu shortcut. I like EagleFiler on my vertical monitor as this gives me a near screen sized view of each document.

The farther I shrink the left column, the more real estate I give to this full sized document effect. When I have it as far as it will go without disappearing altogether, the folders are still clickable but the titles are not readable anymore.

I was just wondering why EagleFiler could not behave similar to apps that allow me to show or hide that left column. When that show/hide is a keyboard command as well as a menu item and a button on the menubar layout, then it becomes quite easy to enjoy the benefits of the sidebar without feeling encumbered by the side bar when you want to just focus on your list of files and the preview below the list.

You can do this with View ‣ Show ‣ Source List, which is assigned to Command-| by default.