Hide SpamSieve from TabSwitcher?

I’m working on a MacBook Air where screen real estate is precious, which is why I’m always trying to keep icons in the menu bar and in the tab switcher to a minimum. Is it possible to hide SpamSieve from the tab switcher? If not, can such an option be added for users who prefer not to see the SpamSieve icon in the tab switcher (similar to, say, LaunchBar’s functionality)?

Yes, please see this page.

Thanks, Michael! Awesome. I actually saw that post before but thought it would only refer to the dock icon and not the tab switcher. Wasn’t aware that hiding the icon on one side also affects the other. You might want to update and clarify that aspect in the post.

Thanks again for your hard work and keeping SpamSieve in active development!

I believe it’s already mentioned there, but please let me know if you see a way to make it clearer.

Just refer to “hide icon in the dock and tab switcher” instead of dock alone. Voilà!