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Hiding SpamSieve in Dock


the manner to do this was:

Alternatively, you can do this manually. Hold down the Control key and click on the SpamSieve icon in the Finder. Choose Show Package Contents from the menu. Open the Contents folder, and then open the Info.plist file using TextEdit. At the bottom of Info.plist, change:

Now with 2.8.5 I do not see this in the info.plist

How do we do it ?

OK I found it, please advertise how to do it with the new version
I think it should be in the preferences, so we don’t need to go in plist


The instructions are on the How can I hide SpamSieve’s Dock icon? page. Eventually I’d like to make this a preference.

What I see from your link is the way I always done it

Now When I open the info.plist

I need to go on the line:

“Application is agent UIElement” which has a little square on the right pane (value) that I need to select (selection box)

The line mention in your link doesn’t exists anymore in info-plist

this is with Mac os 10.6.6 on an iMac 20"

It sounds like you’re not opening it with TextEdit. This is what it looks like for me; I don’t think this has changed.

Hello, mine opens with “Property List Editor”
and it used to open and show as you show in the textedit format
now it changed

Don’t know if it Spamsieve, who changed or just 10.6.6 that amde it that way

You would know better

anyway, I am OK since I found the way in Property List Editor

SpamSieve has not changed, and I don’t think 10.6.6 did either; my guess is that the difference is with the Launch Services database on your Mac.

In the past, people have run into problems using Property List Editor to do this. That’s one reason that the instructions specifically say to use TextEdit.

Cannot save plist change
I can find the place to change 0 nto 1, but when I got to save, I’m told that I cannot save.

What’s the way around this?

PS–hiding the icon should be built into the app.

Which application are you using to edit it, and what is the exact error message that you receive? If you don’t have privileges for editing the SpamSieve files, you could install a fresh copy of it in your home folder or use an application such as TextWrangler (not the Mac App Store version) that can edit protected files.

The How can I hide SpamSieve’s Dock icon? page describes the built-in way to hide the Dock icon.