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Hiding Tags From Auto-Completion

(Moved from Using Aliases within EagleFiler.)

Would it be easier to add a “hide” feature to the Show Tags window to exclude tags from the clairvoyance list?

If so, could the Show Tags window show tags hierarchically so that hiding excluded child tags?

What problem are you trying to solve here?

My current organization is to use a regular folder hierarchy to represent a task hierarchy (typically a project level and one subordinate level of tasks) and a set of “status” tags (“high priority” and “archive” as well as the default “unread” and “flagged”).

A significant fraction of my records warrant at least two “keywords”. If I use tags for keywords, I can take advantage of the EF hierarchical tag feature to maintain one keyword hierarchy for each project.

Clairvoyance is a big help in this keywords-as-tags scheme. However, as new tasks are added, the clairvoyance set grows and gradually requires more keystrokes to select the desired tag.

If tags for archived tasks could be hidden (at user discretion) from the clairvoyance set, that would keep the clairvoyance set small and keystrokes at a minimum.

Thanks for explaining. I can see how that would be useful. Have you tried prefixing the tags that you don’t want to show up in the auto-completion results? For example, if you rename a tag with “~” at the beginning it will sort to the bottom and not be available for auto-completion (unless you type “~”).

That would work about as well in the clairvoyance step. The ability to hide a tag hierarchy with a single click would, however, simplify tag management.

Hide from which window(s)?

Could there be a default “hidden” tag whose children would be hidden from clairvoyance?

In the Source List, the tags would still be made visible by expanding the “hidden” tag. In the Show Info window, any “hidden” tags would display in grey (but still be active for adding or setting abbreviations).

I will consider that; thanks.