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hierachical tags ?

On the front page, it says

Add tags and notes to your files. Tags are like keywords and can be hierarchical. Notes can contain rich text and links.

I can’t find any other reference to this, or see how to organise them as anything other than a flat list.

I’m suffering from tag explosion and want to make them hierarchical. How does this work ?

Like in the Finder. You can drag and drop tags onto one another to nest them, or create a new tag while inside of another tag. There’s more about tags in the Source List section of the manual.

If I have


and tag something with TagB, I expect a search on TagA to return hierarchically subordinate records.

It doesn’t.

So what does it do?

At present, the tag hierarchy works like in Aperture. It’s used for organization but not for assignment or searching. Records have exactly the tags that you assign, and EagleFiler searches for exactly the tags that you type. Nothing is implied.

There are some other threads discussing this issue.