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Hierarchical tags

I know that this has been a topic for quite a while, but struggle to understand exactly what the current usage is.

I was confused by the following explanation in the Help section 4.4.:

When a folder or tag is selected, EagleFiler displays and searches only the contents of that folder or the records with that tag. If Search Contained Folders/Mailboxes/Tags is checked, EagleFiler searches all the folders and mailboxes inside the folder, or the subtags of the tag; otherwise, it searches only the top level.

What exactly does or the subtags of the tags mean here?

If I have a tag structure

  • money
    • earning
    • spending
    • investing

and want to search all money related items, would I have to tag all items with earning plus money to search for them?

From the quote above I would expect to be able to select the tag money in the left bar and then search for all elements with text “American” in all items covered below in the tagging structure, i.e. having a tag of either earning, spending or investing. This seems to be wrong.


The Search Contained Folders/Mailboxes/Tags option controls which records are searched. In other words, if you select money in the source list, and type query in the search field, does it look for query in everything tagged money or in everything tagged money or earning or spending or investing? So, the idea is that you can search all money-related records without having to assign that tag, if they have another that that’s inside money.


Wrong in that you don’t think it should do that or it didn’t do that on your Mac?

Here’s an example TagsTest.zip (19.4 KB) of a library:

and a search with Search Contained Folders/Mailboxes/Tags on:

If I turn off that option, the search won’t find anything.

Thanks Michael, works exactly as you described - I must have been blind! And I indeed meant wrong in the sense of ‘Does not work with me sitting in front of my Mac’, so problem solved.

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