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High false positive with Airmail

I just downloaded Spamsieve as a trial and using is for the last 4 days. I followed the instruction manual and completed the initial training. For the last 3 days, I found most of the emails has been considered as spam by Spamsieve. Some repeatedly moved to the spam folder despite I have “trained as good”.

this is normal and will take a while for the training to complete? I have airmail and SpamSieve installed on two Macs (one desktop, one laptop), would that affect the results

I have read the instruction manual further and have now turned off Spamsieve on the laptop. May be setting up Drone on Apple mail on the desktop if necessary.

Anything else I have missed ?

It’s not normal to have lots of false positives at the beginning, or ever. It may be that with the multi-Mac setup you were correcting mistakes on the wrong Mac and so the other was learning incorrect information, which kept making the accuracy worse. You can follow one of the setups described here to avoid that problem. Also, you should reset the corpus on each Mac to remove any incorrect training data from before.

thanks, would you sugggest that I set up a Apple mail drone on the desktop mac, but I still continue to use Airmal as the day to day email app ?

Yes, that could make sense if the desktop Mac will be on most of the time but you still want to be able to train from the laptop sometimes.