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Home vs Work computer

I have a computer at home that is on all the time but I only use it for an hour a day as I relax when I’m home.

At work I have a computer that I’m on all the time but of course I switch it off when I go home.

So should I make the home computer the drone and then train it remotely using my work computer or should I do it the other way round?

Also I’m not really clear on how the iPhone thing works.

I have IMAP and Exchange for all my accounts so I guess I can get this all tidied up.

Thanks for your help.

You should use the home computer as the drone, since it’s on all the time.

The iPhone will sync its mailboxes with the server, so it will see that the drone has moved the spam messages from the inbox to the Spam mailbox. As with your work Mac, you can train the drone from the iPhone by moving messages to the TrainSpam or TrainGood mailboxes.