Hopefully, Not a Stupid Question

I’m currently using Postbox (based on Thunderbird) as my email client for only one reason, it allows you to keep your “local folders” anywhere you’d like, and in “mbox” format. I keep my local folders on Dropbox which allows me to have access to these emails on both my Mac mini and my MacBook Pro.

I would like to move to Apple Mail. My thought is to use Eagle Filer to backup all my current local folders in Postbox, and then, once I’m on Apple Mail, to be able to add additional folders if needed, and well as move (backup/add to) new emails to the existing Eagle Filer database.

I’m reasonably sure this would be possible, but just wondering how the mechanics of this would work. If you could point me to a section of the manual which addresses this possible scenario I’d be grateful. Thank you.

Yes, you can do this. Please see the Importing Mail From Postbox and Importing Mail From Apple Mail sections of the manual.

Thank you Michael, I have printed out both sections of the manual that you mentioned and now have a new weekend project.

Now, just a simple curiosity. Are you “the” developer of the C-Command software?

Yes, I’m the developer and the support. :slight_smile:

Reading through the manual I saw the “downloading the app in a different way” on page 19. Entered:

cd ~/Downloads/ && curl -LO ’https://c-command.com/downloads/EagleFiler-current.dmg’

And this was the result:

Last login: Sun Apr 2 08:51:21 on ttys000
homer@Homers-MacBook-Pro ~ % cd ~/Downloads/ && curl -LO ’https://c-command.com/downloads/EagleFiler-current.dmg’
curl: Failed to extract a sensible file name from the URL to use for storage!
curl: (3) URL using bad/illegal format or missing URL
homer@Homers-MacBook-Pro Downloads %

It looks like somehow you entered curly apostrophes instead of straight ones. If you copy and paste from the manual it should work, and I include the correct command again here:

cd ~/Downloads/ && curl -LO 'https://c-command.com/downloads/EagleFiler-current.dmg'

That worked perfectly! But, the manual needs updating as it has the “curly apostrophes.”

Aha, that definitely looks like a bug in the PDF version of the manual. Thanks for letting me know.

I have fixed this in the latest PDF version. It turns out that the same problem with the PDF generator also affected some other Terminal code examples. Thanks again.

Works perfectly!

One last question. In the below screen shot, you’ll see that I have a number of “Local Folders” in Postbox (there are many, many more, I just selected these for an example) with the extension “.sbd.” These folders have many items in them that I’d like to keep in one folder within EagleFiler. I read the section you posted about importing entire mailboxes from Postbox. Would I then just drag the entire “Software Apple.sbd” folder to EagleFiler?

Yes, that’s probably the easiest way. Once imported, you could discard the .msf files in EagleFiler, as they are not needed.