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Hot Keys Causing Mail to stop responding

when using mail 5.0 on the new lion OS, SpamSieve crashes when I hot key it using v 2.8.6.

Not sure why but other than that it is operating normally.

Please describe precisely what you did and what happened. Is SpamSieve crashing and Mail is not responding? If SpamSieve is indeed crashing, please use the crash reporter window to send in a report. We’ve so far not received any related to this issue.

Ill do my best to accurately describe the issue but I don’t get the crash report. Everything just stops responding.

Any suggestions on how to capture this for you?

It sounds like nothing’s crashing then. What are you doing that triggers the hang? It would be helpful if you could open the Activity Monitor program and select SpamSieve in the list. When it stops responding, choose Sample Process from the View menu. Then save the resulting data to a file. Also sample Mail and then send me the two files with the sample data.

Odd Behavior …still

I am noticing that there is something odd going on here…still. I got a piece of spam this morning and used my hot key to note it. It was chinese characters. It caused Mail to hang forcing a restart and now the message cannot be deleted.

Tell me what i can do to help you determine the problem.

Im on Lion.

Thanks Michael.

Did you see the above post where I described how to send in two “sample” reports?

The sample log shows that SpamSieve was not the cause of the hang. My guess is that Mail’s own junk mail database needs to be reset by quitting Mail and deleting the file: