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Hotkey for partial capture?


I am trying out EF, thinking about moving away from DEVONthink personal. In DEVONthink, I was able to highlight a section of a page in Safari, for example, then use a keyboard shortcut to capture just that piece of the page. It seems like in EF, if I use the keyboard shortcut it captures the entire page, and I can only capture a selection if I use the mouse and go through the services menu. The help file suggests that I should be able to use the keystroke combination of cmd %, but that doesn’t seem to do anything at all.

Please advise, as having to use a mouse for partial captures kind of slows things down.

Many thanks,

Command-% is the keyboard shortcut for the “EagleFiler: Import” command in the Services menu. Do you see the shortcut in the menu? If another application is using Command-% for something else, you can use the Keyboard pane of System Preferences to assign a different shortcut to “EagleFiler: Import”.

I’m wondering if we’re on different OSes. In my services menu all I see is “EagleFiler: Import” and no keyboard notation next to it. When I go to System Prefs there is no Keyboard pane per se: there is Keyboard and Mouse, and within that there is a tab for Keyboard Shortcuts. In there, there are no other commands using that key combination, and no applications are listed at all.

I am using Mac OS X 10.4.11. Are these things you are mentioning only available for Leopard? if so, are there Tiger workarounds?

Thanks again.

This feature works with both Tiger and Leopard.

Perhaps it would help to restart your Mac.

That’s the right place. It does not list all the commands that might be using a given key, but you can click the + button to assign a keyboard shortcut to any command.

I went in and changed the shortcut in System Prefs, and now it all works.

Just out of curiosity… The key combination of Command + % is really Command Shift 5, right? or is there some key that’s a % without using Shift 5?


Great—thanks for the follow-up. Perhaps some other application was using Command-%.

Yes, on a US keyboard at least. Different keyboard layouts may use a different combination or perhaps have a dedicated % key.