How can I have SpamSieve check junk folder on Apple Mail automatically


So I need to have SpamSieve on Mac Apple Mail not just check my inbox but also the junk mail folder (iCloud’s server folder). Reason being I want to set the rules so that it marks all junk mail as read and intercepts any iCloud auto filtering to junk mail prior or after the fact.

As you know iCloud doesn’t offer a way to turn off junk mail so it moves it to its folder. I don’t like that because I can’t set it to read automatically and on my iPhone the annoying mail app count for junk mail is incremented.

This section of the manual explains how you can set up the rescue script to check the Junk mailbox. You can also change the first line of the script to:

property pMarkSpamMessagesRead : true

if you want it to mark the messages caught the iCloud filter as read.

Thanks. So the only way is via a script that I manually have to run? There’s no way to automatically have the rescue script continuously run?

The instructions on the script page explain how to set it up to run automatically.

Thanks I see that now. I’ll give it a go and see how we go. My final hope when Apple can’t get it’s server side stuff working right

So, I know the scripts are working as intended the only issue is setting up my M2 Mac Mini to stay active. I followed the instructions in this portal for that but not sure what I’m missing.

I know as soon as I shake my mouse and log in / wake it triggers the script.

Are you referring to these instructions?

What is making you need to log in? Are you manually logging out or locking the screen? Or do you have a screen saver doing that?

Hi yes those instructions. I don’t log out but just lock the screen (Cmd&Shift&Q). No screensaver. Aside from those instructions any other best practices ,


Command-Shift-Q logs you out, which quits all apps. To just lock the screen, you should use Command-Control-Q.

Sorry I meant control. Hard to mentally recall it’s more of a physical habit :).

Well, if the Mac is not asleep, Mail should be running its rules. Are you able to tell whether the Mac is in fact sleeping? Are your other Mail rules working?

Does it help if you go to System Settings ‣ Lock Screen and set Turn display off on power adapter when inactive to Never?

You should also be able to prevent the Mac from sleeping by entering the caffeinate command in a Terminal window.

So I thought even if it’s sleeping as long as it’s a power nap of some kind jt will still enact rules even at a lengthier interval.

I’ll try those steps or verify if I missed anything and see.


It should, but Power Nap can be unpredictable/unreliable.

Up to the Apple Gods. Got it thanks :pray:t3:

I think there is less reason to rely on Power Nap these days because a Mac mini with the display off is quite efficient even if it never goes to sleep. So if you just make sure it stays awake you can speed up processing and remove a lot of uncertainty.