How close to a beta of SpamSieve for Yosemite?

Yeah, I know you don’t like to hear these questions so soon after an initial Developer Preview release…

…but SpamSieve is one of the most important pieces of software I own.

I know that the current version is not yet compatible with Yosemite Mail. Also know it’s an Apple error, not yours.

Right now, with SpamSieve running, all my mail goes into the Spam folder. I can handle that for a bit.

Just wondering if you expect a compatible release to be available sooner rather than later?

Thanks for all the work you do, Mike.

I really can’t speculate as to how long it will take Apple to fix the stuff that’s broken on their end. I’m working on making SpamSieve as compatible as possible soon. I think it would be useful for people to have basic filtering functionality ASAP, even if some other features don’t work initially.

There is more information about SpamSieve and pre-release versions of Mac OS X here.


As always, thanks for the hard work in keeping this software current with OS changes.

I am certain we aren’t going to be waiting too long for Apple to fix their end of things and
a Yosemite-friendly SpamSieve release will be made available.

I am certain you are aware that Apple released DP2 this morning.

Hope they fixed the mail issues that were preventing you from properly initiating SpamSieve.

I am going to try DP2 tomorrow.

How do I turn off SpamSieve (so mail goes into INBOX) until it is ready for Yosemite?

I will update this post when I have a beta working on Yosemite.

Please see Uninstalling SpamSieve.


Thank you.

You scared me for a moment with the word “uninstall”

I was quite relieved that all I needed to do was uncheck Spamsieve temporarily in my rules preferences.


Beta 2.9.15b4 is working like a champ on Yosemite DP2.

Thank you so much for getting this readied so quickly.

DP3 has broken SpamSieve compatibility with Mail.

Not concerned. Michael’s pretty quick to update.

Slow release to fix Apple Mail.

It’s been over a week now, How long does it usually take to fix these problems? This is a pretty deadly problem.

The SpamSieve update was available within two hours of that post. Everyone on the beta list received an e-mail notification as well as an automatic software update to the new version.

Please read the Why does SpamSieve always need an update when Mac OS X is updated? page. This explains:

  1. Why the public release version of SpamSieve is not updated for every beta version of Mac OS X.
  2. How you can get SpamSieve working with a new version of Mac OS X even without a SpamSieve update.
  3. How you can get on the SpamSieve beta list if you are on Apple’s beta list.

This thread has updated information about using SpamSieve with the Yosemite public beta.