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How do I disable viewing subfolder contents in Library ?

I have a Library structure that has a hierarchy of folders and subfolders, with documents in them. When i click on Library, on the source list, it shows all of the subfolders and their contents, in the record list. Is there a way do disable this ?

This specially pains me because it hinders the F1 capture feature… since apparently the capture is only stored at the topmost “Library” level, i have to go look for whatever i just captured inside the entire list of content (around 800MB) that I have in my library. If I sort the record list based on date so that the captured information is the most recent, that mucks up the sort order on everything else as well.

So, if there was a way to specify a default folder for everything just captured, it would work just as well, instead of adding captured content to the top-most Library level where its lost along with everything else.

This sounds like a really minor thing, but its a real dealbreaker for me, considering that the F1 capture is a real booster to me whos (trying to) migrate from DevonThink.

Is there any solution for this ?


Hm, just found out the unfiled smart folder which probably does what I want, in regards to the recently captured info… is that the “official” best way to do it ?

Yes, that’s what Unfiled is for.