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How do I know if SpamSieve is working?

Mac OS 10.13.4, Mac Outlook Ver 16.13. No Service provider spam action. Only get mail in Spam box. Only get mail when I hit Send/Receive or change back to Outlook time in preferences. Outlook Filter Mailbox installed.
Everything is still manual, third day.

Do you mean that you aren’t getting any mail in your inbox? Does this still occur if you quit the Outlook Filter Mailboxes app?

SpamSieve does not affect when you receive mail in Outlook, so perhaps you need to adjust your Outlook settings.

I don’t know what this refers to.

Only receive in new Spam box I created, don’t know about removing outlook filter mail boxes.

In the manual it said to change time to 1 to 5 minuets so I did, then I did not receive mail until I hit the send receive button in Outlook. The time set is done in preference/accounts/advanced in Outlook.
I don’t know what this refers to.

How do I know if SpamSieve is working and how long should I expect it to take? Right now I get mail in Spam Box, identify Good or Spam from drop down at top of screen. Spam goes to Junk Box and Good goes to In Box. Then I have to delete from those boxes manually.

You said that you had installed the Outlook Filter Mailboxes app. So it should be in your Dock. You can click and hold on its icon there to quit it.

Nowhere in the SpamSieve manual does it say to change the mail checking schedule in Outlook. (There is a part here, where it says that you can optionally change how often SpamSieve checks for new messages. This is done by clicking the link on that page.) I recommend that you change it back.

The new spam messages should automatically go to your Spam/Junk mailbox, and the new good messages should automatically go to your inbox. This should start working as soon as you complete the initial training.

It sounds like something is messed up. I recommend that you quit Outlook Filter Mailboxes. That will temporarily turn off SpamSieve. Now which folder do you get new mail in?

I’ll give it a few days.