How do I stop SS settings from opening every time the app launches?

Since moving to v3, every time the app launches it also opens its settings window. How to I get it to stop doing that?

This is due to the Close windows when quitting an application macOS feature that (when unchecked) restores app windows. If a window is open when you quit SpamSieve, it will be re-opened the next time you launch SpamSieve. If you close the window before quitting, macOS should remember that, too.

Hmm, this happens for me too. Every time mail opens SpamSieve shows its welcome dialog, opens its help manual and displays the pop-up over the menu icon.

There doesn’t appear to be a setting to turn this off anywhere. Is is possible to SS to realise “Hey, I’ve been used before” and stop showing all this info?

There were no SS windows open when I quit Mail.

Edit: tried switching off the menubar icon, but same behaviour, plus an additional dialog pointing out the menubar icon is missing :smile:

This is a totally different issue than what the original poster reported. SpamSieve shows the Welcome window and help if you have not trained it with at least one good message and one spam message. Did you follow the instructions to do an initial training? How many messages of each type does the Statistics window say are in the corpus?

If the corpus is empty and you did not expect it to be, then the Welcome is a useful indicator that something isn’t right, e.g. SpamSieve data files were deleted.

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No, I didn’t train it as I’ve been using it since 2007.

However, now that I check the stats window the corpus says 100 good & 0 spam messages, so perhaps that’s the issue as it looks like it started from scratch recently. I’ll feed it a spam message and that should fix things I guess.

Thanks Michael!

Or if you didn’t mean to start from scratch you could restore from a backup.

Thanks for the reply, Michael. As a developer of some 45 years tenure, that was the first thing I checked. The problem isn’t related to that setting, which is currently “on”, and problem recurrs now and then. If I’m the only one reporting this, then I’ll just live with it.

There are two other possibilities that I’ve seen occasionally:

  • Sometimes window restoration is off globally, but the system nevertheless decides to use it for SpamSieve. You can turn it off specifically for SpamSieve by clicking this link.

  • A new feature in SpamSieve 3 is that if you try to launch the app when it’s already running it will show the Settings window (because it could be confusing to see “nothing happen” when activating the app). Some people have had Mail rules or other scripts/automations that repeatedly launch SpamSieve, and so that would result in the window opening.