How do I upgrade a second user with a 2-user account?

I have a 2-user spamsieve account. I recently upgraded from 2.X to 3.X and with the upgrade received a new serial number which I’m using. However, I’m unable to find any way of upgrading the other user in my household. I get the message that my serial number is not a valid 3.X serial number. Can someone help me through this?

It looks like you already purchased a 2-user upgrade, so you can just enter the same new serial number (starting with S3DU) on both Macs.

If anyone else is reading this and has a 1-user license that they want to expand to 2 users or a family, you can do that here.

Hi Michael. Thanks for the reply. That’s exactly what I’ve done repeatedly. I’ve checked and rechecked. Even just used the “look up my serial number” function, but it’s the same number with the same negative result. Every time I get the message on the second Mac that it’s not a valid serial number for version 3.X of SpamSieve.

Please make sure that you’ve entered Serial Name as shown in your order confirmation e-mail, too.

i feel so stupid. That was it. Thanks.