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How do you deal with mail?

I really like the new EF and the great way one can now import mail. So I was wondering how you organized your mail: do you have one mailbox with many tags, or many mailboxes, or a mix of the two? Some projects have clear boundaries, so I guess they should be in the same mailbox, but others are trickier.

Thanks for any suggestion as how you deal with mail.

I have lots of mailboxes in my mail clients, for each project (or subproject) and for each mailing list. I use these same mailboxes in EagleFiler and then use tags to mark messages that are of particular interest or that share a cross-mailbox property.

Are these mailboxes very big, or do you split them according to time? (I’m asking all these questions because I would not want to import my mail in too big chunks which I would not be able to split later.)

Thanks a lot.

I never split the mailboxes. Usually, when importing, I merge the mailboxes with older ones with the same names. Sometimes they get really large, and so I start a new one rather than merging last month’s mail with mail from five years ago. I guess the largest mailbox I have is about 1 GB, for no particular reason.