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How many libraries do you use?

I’m wondering if people use one huge library, or many small libraries. I personally use an archive library, and a huge main library where I dump many things that I want to read and that are not ready to be archived yet.

The reason I’m asking is that I’ve discovered that the index of the main library is fairly large (about 100 MB), and since it changes often, it’s using quite some space in my Time Machine backups. So I’m thinking of switching to several smaller libraries, but I’m afraid I will lose some searching capabilities if I do so.

Not that I’d do this myself, but one way to reduce the size of the index is to turn off indexing for phrase searches. Personally, I have multiple huge libraries and a big Time Machine drive, and I just don’t worry about it. It seems to do a good job of managing the disk space.

Thanks for the reply. I find using a couple big libraries much simpler (mainly for search reasons), so I’ll keep my current setup.