How often does SpamSieve run?

I have been getting a stupid amount of spam (150+) per day to one of my email addresses that I filter with SpamSieve. This runs on a server machine that is always on getting mail and running SpamSieve (pretty much the only thing the machine does). There is one specific “style” of spam message that I seem to get tons of. I’ve noticed that I’ll get 20-30 of these messages and they’ll just sit in my inbox for what seems like a long time (an hour or more?). For many weeks I thought SpamSieve was just not identifying them correctly and so I’d go onto my server and train these messages as spam. Then I spent a bunch of time reading the user manual and trying to “fix” my filtering to catch these but it didn’t seem to have any effect. Then the other day I had a pile of these, was about to go train by hand, and they just disappeared on their own, Spamsieve got around to filtering them. So my question is how often does SpamSieve run? Can I increase the frequency?

Which mail client are you using SpamSieve with? If it’s Apple Mail, are you using the Mail plug-in or Mail extension setup?

Is the server Mac possibly going to sleep?

Also, I would recommend looking at SpamSieve’s log on the server. That will show when SpamSieve processed each message. It may be that this part is happening promptly and the delay is in your server moving them on the mail server or in your client Mac syncing with the mail server.

Yes, it is Apple Mail. I am using the extension setup I believe. Hmm, it could be the server going to sleep, I’ll check on that. Thanks, I’ll check the logs et al.

With the Mail extension setup, Mail will normally send the messages to SpamSieve for processing as soon as they arrive. There is also a setting to control how often SpamSieve checks for new messages that Mail failed to send it. Normally this checks at least once per minute.