How Spam Score Works: It Isn't for Me

The way I read the documentation, anything you have trained as spam is given a spam score of 99. And if you check the setting, you can send anything on the “99” list directly to trash. I’ve done all this and it isn’t working. AND: if we can get it working, will stuff that now goes to the junk folder because I have previously trained it as spam go directly to Trash? And what do I have to do to make the stuff that now goes to Junk because SpamSieve identifies it as spam (versus stuff I have trained as spam) subsequently go to trash if the same sender sends more spam?

Latest MacOS and latest SpamSieve version.

Any message from the same send name or address gets a score of 99.


What does SpamSieve’s Log window say about the messages in question? Are they predicted as spam with a different score?


I’m not sure what you are asking here. If you use a score of 99, it will move messages from senders that you’ve trained to the Trash. If you want messages with lower scores to go to Trash, too, you can set a lower score as the threshold.

To answer your final question: Do I have to have trained a message as spam before it gets a score of 99? There is, in my mind at least, a difference between messages I have trained and ones that SpamSieve has identified on its own.

99 is for messages that match the blocklist, which includes rules for senders from messages that you’ve trained, as well as any blocklist rules that you created manually and a few rules that are pre-configured when you install SpamSieve.

OS 14.4.1, SpamSieve 3.03. I have no operating rules in Mail. Rescue good messages SpamSieve is my only operating Mail rule. SpamSieve rarely misses spam and correctly puts it in the Junk folder. But it does NOT transfer blocklist messages to Trash, even though that option is checked. Is it possible that some sort of message spoofing is going on so sender looks the same but actual sender is different?

Currently, the Move it to the Trash if the spam score is at least option does not affect the Apple Mail - Rescue Good Messages - SpamSieve AppleScripts script. If you want the rescue script to move blocklisted messages to the Trash you would need to edit the script, changing the line:

property pMoveBlueMessagesToTrash : false


property pMoveBlueMessagesToTrash : true

I don’t think so. You can verify in the Log window what SpamSieve thinks the sender is and whether it classified the message as spam because of the blocklist.