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How to add a retina background

Hi, really like using DropDMG but I am just changing my installer background after a long time, due to a rebrand and although I read that I can add a ‘Retina-optimized background picture’ I can’t see how do I specify that my backgrounds is retina, when I add it, it is double sized.

I did a quick look in the help and forum before posting but not forum the answer yet!

For a Retina background picture, you can give DropDMG a:

  • 144dpi image file (e.g. PNG)
  • a resolution-independent PDF file
  • or a multi-resolution TIFF file (if you want to specify a separate non-Retina version)

DropDMG will render the text separately for each resolution.

Thanks for the reply Michael, saving a 144ppi image from Photoshop as a PNG was converting it to 72ppi. But I was able to force 144ppi into a TIFF so have a working solution thanks!

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