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How to add either subject or email addy to good?

Michael, first, love yr product and using it for yrs. Mac Mt Lion, Apple Mail.

I don’t know how to manually add an email subject and/or Or part of an email address to white list. I don’t even know how to make a whitelist.

SS keeps throwing emails from ppl using my WP contact form on my own website into spam. I am clueless how to tell it to allow ‘[My Name] Contact’ as a subject or my email addy with someone else’s name on it (their name, then wordpress@mydomainname.com).

I keep clicking that ‘Train as Good,’ but SS still directs my legit clients into spam. I cannot configure my WordPress contact plugin to something else. I am very concerned, because this is business email, but gets lost in hundreds of daily spams.

Pls keep it simple. I’m an artist and programming is beyond me. Scripts and things, forgetaboutit.

Thanks so much! jenny lens, punk photographer

This is probably because you have also received a lot of spam from that address. Otherwise, SpamSieve would have whitelisted it automatically when you trained a message as good.

The simplest way to tell SpamSieve to always treat the messages from an address as good (no matter how much spam you receive from it) is to add the address to your Mac OS X contacts. For example, select the message in Mail, click on the blue bubble for the sender, and choose “Add to Contacts” from the menu. Then make sure that Use Mac OS X Address Book is checked in SpamSieve’s preferences.

You could also create rules in the Whitelist window, but this would take more steps, and SpamSieve would disable the rules if you started to get spam messages that matched them.