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how to auto delete spam messages?

in Apple’s junk filter method you can automatically delete messages that are in the junk folder for x days;
I am testing SS but cannot find a way to do the same thing with the content of the Spam folder, or am I overlooking something?

PS I suppose this could be done with Apple’s script but I do not have experience with that… :frowning:

just found a thread that discusses this,
sorry for the confusion… :frowning:

You can also do this with SpamSieve.

thank you, I found the instructions!
Just out of curiosity: why is the code, to achieve this, not simply added to SS, so that every time SS starts up, spam older then x days is moved to the trash; it would make SS more independent from Mail, a more complete solution so to say!

That’s not what people want—the nice thing about using Mail’s auto-emptying feature is that the messages bypass the trash. There is no supported means for an application such as SpamSieve to do that.