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How to capture items directly to a specified folder?

Is there a way to import a message from Mail or a web page in a browser to Eaglefiler and have it automatically placed in the folder that is selected?

As recommended in the manual, I use the capture key (here it is set to F18) and the file is always placed in the Unfiled folder.

It would be nice to be able to select a folder and have EF use it directly when importing.

As it is now, I press F18 and then have to go to the Unfiled folder and move the item to the selected folder by hand.

There’s currently no way to make it capture into the folder that’s selected in the window, but you can use Capture with options and select the folder in the options dialog. There’s a keyboard shortcut of o Command-2 to open the folder menu. It will also remember what you chose so that, if you capture with options again, the same folder will be selected and you can just press Enter to capture into it.

Thanks for the unbelievably rapid answer!

I tried option-F18 in Safari and nothing happened. Using F18 alone worked as usual.
I checked if option-F18 wasn’t already used for some other shortcup and didn’t find anything.

Am I doing it wrong?

The Capture with options hotkey is not always the Option key plus the regular capture hotkey. It’s a separate setting in the preferences. If you haven’t changed it, the default is Option-F1.

I looked and I found that I had indeed changed the Capture with Options preference to F17, probably a long time ago, and never used it. So I forgot about its existence.
It works. I’ll see if it’s helpful the next time I need to capture a bunch of files.

Thanks again.