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How to copy TAGS to another library

I live with with EagleFiler comfortably and its library size grows up to 6000 records with 5.1GB.

Now, I plan to split current library [main] to multi libraries. The library [main] has TAGS with about 200 tags and three generation config (parent tag-child tag-grandchild tag).
I wish to keep the same TAGS in new library (say, [sub]) as of [main].

My trial is as follows.

  1. select one record (dummy) of [main] library and open Show Tag window
  2. check mark of all tags in that window
  3. copy this dummy record to [sub] library
  4. TAGS of [sub] library changes to three generation config just same as TAGS of [main]

I wonder there is better and smart way to copy TAGS from one library to other library.
In more general, is there any way to share TAGS among multi-library?


I think that’s the easiest way to do it. Another option would be to write an AppleScript to synchronize the tags.

Thank you for kind reply as always.

As for synchronizing the TAGS, I just start to write Script in the following story.

  1. select one record (dummy) of [main] as reference.
  2. this record is assigned with all tags in TAGS of [main]
  3. copy this record to other libraries one by one

I think TAGS of all library seem to synchronize via this Script when reference (dummy) record of [main] has additional tags, changed configuration of tags, and more.

However, is there any way to synchronize the TAGS among libraries more directly, for example, using assigned tags (list of tag) of library record of [main]?


The tag objects are specific to the library, so you cannot use AppleScript to assign tags from one library to a record in a different library. You could, however, loop over the list of tags in one library document and create the ones that are missing in the other library (using tag “name”).

I may understand.

I will continue to write AppleScript (in progress) based on the story : to copy dummy reference file from one library to other libraries one by one.

Thank you so much again.