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How to create an alias of a folder?

How can I create an alias of a folder? I want to create the alias and then move the original folder, with all the enclosed files, to a different folder.

I see a thread where there is a script to create an alias of a file, but I need an alias of a folder. There isn’t anything for this on the EagleFiler AppleScripts page.

Thanks for any help.

Are you referring to this thread? I’m not sure what you are intending to do with the alias, but you can easily create one from Finder using the File ‣ Make Alias command.

Yes, that’s the thread I’m referring to.

I do know how to create an alias in the Finder, but for various reasons I’m trying to leave the Finder for a complex task I do almost every day, where I move folders around, change their name, create aliases, add files to the folders, write stuff in one of the files.

I’ve been using Path Finder for a while, but some of the features of EagleFiler are very tempting (like the way tags are managed), so I’m experimenting before I move the whole works to it. If I move to EF, I would like to avoid returning to the Finder (or to Path Finder) just to create the alias. Which I’ll have to import into EF. Because I think it is recommended not to add things to the EF library directly in the Finder.

That script will also work for folders in EagleFiler, not just files.

It’s fine to add things to EagleFiler’s library directly. You just don’t want to move/rename/delete from outside of EagleFiler.

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I installed the script (thanks, @asutu) and it works as expected.

About the adding of files directly to an EF library, I don’t know why I thought this was not recommended. I read the manual every time I have a problem and it is very clear about the many ways to copy a file into the library.

Thanks for taking the time to get me on the right track.


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